BCS Reports on the 2014 Stock Market Bubble and Jobs

BCS Reports on the 2014 Stock Market Bubble and Jobs

Most experts agree that there is a looming stock market bubble that will eventually burst. Some experts feel that the bubble will last for up to three years from now, due to quantitative easing which supports it.

BCS of Leawood Kansas reports that despite this news, employers are still ready to hire and expand. Since the quantitative easing may last up to three years, companies will try to capitalize on the long term value of rising stock values.

Quantitative easing is boosting the value of stocks, giving companies additional dollars to spend on future expansion. “No one wants to wait,” says BCS. “Companies are going to take advantage of what is happening now, building infrastructure and expanding markets while capital is available.”

Since the positions are for future growth and not for immediate needs, employers can be more selective. “If the employer finds the right person for the job now, they are more likely to move forward with hiring them.” BCS says that employers do this to get the right employee on board sooner, because waiting could cause them to lose the employee. A typical executive search can take months and be very costly.

According to the career professionals at BCS, “The most resourceful job-seekers will land these jobs through more creative job search strategies and a well-developed personal marketing plan.”

BCS is an executive search assistance organization located near Overland Park Kansas, and has been providing career services and job search related marketing programs to executives and professionals for nearly a decade.

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