BCS in Leawood Kansas on Reports on the Status of STEM Jobs in 2014

BCS in Leawood Kansas on Reports on the Status of STEM Jobs in 2014



Science Technology Engineering and Math related (STEM) jobs now account for more than 10% of all jobs in the U.S. According to the career firm BCS in Leawood Kansas, these jobs are among the highest paying with a median pay of about $66,000 annually.


Stem jobs reportedly take longer to fill than most. This is hard to fathom since there is such a high demand.


BCS in Leawood Kansas (near Overland Park) reports that the reasons are 1) Hiring companies are highly selective due to the increasing number of qualified STEM applicants 2) some STEM specific qualifications are difficult for some HR departments to comprehend, forcing them to bring in the decision maker earlier in the process 3) STEM job applicants while highly technically astute, are not so good at marketing their talents.


According to BCS, “No matter how qualified you are, finding the right job is still a challenge. STEM job applicants know what they are capable of but typically are not good at marketing their skills, and sometimes take longer to land than they should. Not knowing how to reach the decision maker or not knowing what to say when you get there stifles the job seeking process. Likewise they tend to be poor negotiators even though they often have the upper hand in the process.”


BCS says that with tough competition for the more specialized STEM jobs, the job seeker has to get more creative in their approach to the market.


BCS has recently upgraded their database technology to help improve the search process for professionals and to help reduce the time in their search cycle.


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BCS Reports on the 2014 Stock Market Bubble and Jobs


Most experts agree that there is a looming stock market bubble that will eventually burst. The only disagreement is when. Most experts feel it is years away; as much as three years.


BCS of Leawood Kansas reports that they feel employers are still ready to hire and expand. Why? The main reason for the continuing rise in stocks is quantitative easing (QE), and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to end soon.


QE is boosting the value of stocks giving companies additional dollars to spend on future expansion. “No one wants to wait,” says BCS. Companies are going to take advantage of what is happening now, building infrastructure and expanding markets while capital is available.


According to an article on FM Magazine companies are no longer well-served by five-year plans. Three-year planning makes more sense and are more common.

(See the article at http://www.fm-magazine.com/your-questions/cimavs/%E2%80%98five-year-plans-essential-or-waste-time%E2%80%99#)


Employers can however, be more selective since the positions are for future growth and not for immediate needs. “If the employer finds the right person for the job now, they are more likely to hire them now, knowing the future need.” BCS says that employers do this to get the right employee on board because waiting could cost them the hire and it gives the employee a chance to get a better sense of the culture of the company before moving into the new position..


According to the career professionals at BCS, “The most creative job-seekers will land these jobs through more creative job search strategies and a well-developed marketing plan.


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