BCS Announces The Addition Of Web Portfolio’s

BCS Announces The Addition Of Web Portfolio’s

One of the biggest complaints job seekers have is that they don’t feel like their resumes are getting noticed.  BCS in Overland Park Kansas feels that their new service will put an end to those concerns.  BCS is adding web portfolios to their arsenal of tools to help their clients reach out to employers and get noticed.


A web portfolio is specifically designed to help the job seeker get the attention of the hiring decision-maker with better information; and in a more concise and understandable format.  The executive web portfolio can be used to help elevate your interaction during a telephone or one on one interview to give employers or recruiters an in-depth display of your core strengths, skills inventory, experience, career history, and value proposition.

A Career Marketing professional (not a web designer) will work with you to build a dynamic online visually captivating presentation of a candidate’s career credentials on the Internet, showcasing your skills and highlighting your achievements.  “The web portfolio is supercharged with powerful graphics, distinguishes the candidate from the competition, and strengthens your job search and networking activities.”

The web portfolio concept has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, ExecuNet and other online news sources as the new way to get the kind of attention that leads to a job in an increasingly difficult market.

BCS added that there are other major elements to a job search.  Identifying and targeting alternative industries; building a resume focuses on achievements, rather than industry specific experience; and developing heightened interview skills through researching new industry objectives.  “You demonstrate one of two things by the way you interview,” says the team at BCS, “You either establish your knowledge and interest in an industry, or your lack of familiarity and awareness.  Decision makers are impressed when an industry outsider has obviously done their homework, and conduct an intelligent interview.”

To learn more about BCS in Overland Park, KS visit their website at www.bcskansas.com.

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